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Don't be a Tourist in Paris - eBook

Don't be a Tourist in Paris - eBook

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Don’t Be a Tourist in Paris, Third Edition - THE eBOOK is here!

I finally took the leap from the bookshelf to your smartphone, tablet, laptop and every other mobile thingy majiggy under the sun.

Swipe through the ultimate bible to New York unknown from any portable device with ease and never find yourself caught at the tourist traps again.

Available for iOS, Android, Desktop, Laptop and every other device that can read ePub format.

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A vault of local secrets, insider advice and little-known urban anecdotes, this book is the result of over a decade of discovery in one of the most fascinating cities on earth.

This is not your average guide book. This is the ultimate bible to Paris unknown.

Each chapter's journey has its own mood, inspired by different traveler mindsets shaped by life’s relatable challenges and familiar emotions like heartbreak, career hurdles or strong personality quirks.
Rediscover the personal joy of travel.

Here's just a taste of what you can expect:

  • 20 Secret Restaurants
  • 70 Time Traveller’s Bars and Cafés
  • 50 Romantic Hideaways and Unique Date Ideas
  • 60 Unexpected Cultural Alternatives to major museums
  • 50 Movie-worthy Walks & Eye-opening Neighbourhood Discoveries
  • 35 Cabinets of Curiosity and Aladdin’s Caves
  • 50 Hip Parisian Hangouts
  • 50 Places to Inspire & Use Your Creativity
  • 35 Booklover Havens
  • 60 Local Food Gems
  • 40 Places Parisian Families actually take their Kids
  • 65 Urban Retreats
  • 30 Obscure/ Underground Adventures
  • 50 Budget-friendly life-savers
  • Endless good-to-know Paris tips


New off-beat investigative walks, collector’s addresses, location scouting and people-watching spots, new dining discoveries, in-depth flea market advice, clues for architectural hunting, creative new ways to escape city life without really trying & much more…

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