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Don't be a Tourist in New York - eBook

Don't be a Tourist in New York - eBook

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Don’t Be a Tourist in New York - THE eBOOK is here!

I finally took the leap from the bookshelf to your smartphone, tablet, laptop and every other mobile thingy majiggy under the sun.

Swipe through the ultimate bible to New York unknown from any portable device with ease and never find yourself caught at the tourist traps again.

Available for iOS, Android, Desktop, Laptop and every other device that can read ePub format.

Immediately delivered after checkout via email.


You could spend a lifetime trying to sift through all of the travel sites and best-selling city guides about how to best explore New York– or you could start the adventure today.

This book can wake up your inner explorer; tap into your curiosity and help you to discover all five boroughs like a roaming detective; a seeker of stories and collector of local secrets.


This book invites you to travel in a way that tourists rarely do, whether you’re a lifelong New Yorker looking for an excuse to leave your apartment or a first time visitor searching for a companion that won’t drag you around like a sightseer.

America’s greatest metropolis deserves a book of secrets – one that compiles its curious idiosyncracies and digs through its past & present to bring you inspiration and  adventure in the least expected places.

You’ll get 370 pages of:

  • Collectors Addresses
  • Secret Dive Bars & Jazz Cafés
  • Restaurants to Remember
  • Strange and Underground Adventures
  • Going solo & Budget-friendly Life-Savers
  • Moodlifting & Inspiring Activities
  • Mom & Pop Shops and Historic holdouts
  • Hidden Gardens & Al Fresco Eateries
  • Unique Date Ideas & Romantic Adventures
  • Underrated & Alternative Museums
  • Performing Arts Hubs & Open Mic Nights
  • Hip Hangouts & Social Playgrounds
  • Time Travelling Strolls & Neighbourhood Secrets
  • Booklover Havens & Cabinets of Curiosity
  • Family Days Out and Hobbies for all Ages
  • New York in all its glorious diversity

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New off-beat investigative walks, collector’s addresses, location scouting and people-watching spots, new dining discoveries, in-depth flea market advice, clues for architectural hunting, creative new ways to escape city life without really trying & much more…

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