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Don't Be a Tourist in New York

Don't Be a Tourist in New York

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 You could spend a lifetime trying to sift through all of the travel sites and best-selling city guides about how to best explore New York– or you could start the adventure today.

This book can wake up your inner explorer; tap into your curiosity and help you to discover all five boroughs like a roaming detective; a seeker of stories and collector of local secrets.


This book invites you to travel in a way that tourists rarely do, whether you’re a lifelong New Yorker looking for an excuse to leave your apartment or a first time visitor searching for a companion that won’t drag you around like a sightseer.

America’s greatest metropolis deserves a book of secrets – one that compiles its curious idiosyncracies and digs through its past & present to bring you inspiration and  adventure in the least expected places.

You’ll get 370 pages of:

  • Collectors Addresses
  • Secret Dive Bars & Jazz Cafés
  • Restaurants to Remember
  • Strange and Underground Adventures
  • Going solo & Budget-friendly Life-Savers
  • Moodlifting & Inspiring Activities
  • Mom & Pop Shops and Historic holdouts
  • Hidden Gardens & Al Fresco Eateries
  • Unique Date Ideas & Romantic Adventures
  • Underrated & Alternative Museums
  • Performing Arts Hubs & Open Mic Nights
  • Hip Hangouts & Social Playgrounds
  • Time Travelling Strolls & Neighbourhood Secrets
  • Booklover Havens & Cabinets of Curiosity
  • Family Days Out and Hobbies for all Ages
  • New York in all its glorious diversity

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