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Don't Be a Tourist in London

Don't Be a Tourist in London

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Discover the secret recipe for becoming an experimental and artful traveller in a messy world.

You’re looking for something personal; a different kind of road map that lets you follow your own instincts and emotions. Meanwhile, I’ve crossed out the “top-rated attractions” and major landmarks they said you had to see and instead, thought about how to switch our imaginations on again. 

This book inspires a different way to start your own journey in London, reminding us to check in with ourselves before hopping on the tour buses or making exhaustive bucket lists. What are you actually in the mood for? Each chapter is created for different mindsets, emotions, insecurities, niche interests and personalities, without worrying about the final destination. The emphasis is less about ticking places off a list than it is about self-discovery. In this way, whether at home or abroad, in London or your local park, all destinations are rendered equal, and you can become the constant, artful traveller.

Within the pages of this beautifully bound hardback, you will find over 500 addresses to encourage the wanderer within:

  • Secret restaurants
  • Time capsule pubs
  • Unique date ideas
  • Unexpected alternatives to major museums
  • Film-worthy walks & quaint neighbourhood discoveries
  • Hip London Hangouts
  • Aladdin’s Caves & booklover Havens
  • Places to be creative
  • Places to cry
  • Obscure/ Underground Adventures
  • Places to entertain the kids (or the kid in you!)
  • Budget-friendly life-savers
  • Endless good-to-know advice and fascinating anecdotes



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